Monday, October 31, 2011

The Cabin

A little over a year ago Josh and his family moved the 100 year old grain shack.  These next pictures are the progress that has been made.  
The beginning
The cabin being moved about 5am to Seminole Dr.

Putting it down and leveling it 
Before the walls come down 

After and Chris is washing the floor
Bathroom is added
 Porch is added
Front View 
Josh build us a swing!
Spray Foam in the holes 
Plastic around the walls to help seal them and the tongue groove ceiling
Framing in my closet  
The insulation is almost done and sheetrock is about to go up
the bathroom  
our going to be awesome shower 
Jerry texturing 
John and Josh painting (base coat) 
I got his face!!!! 
The newly weds working on their love shack  
 me grouting 
I had fun with the pen 
Josh sealing the shower up

After almost a year it is basically done! Josh surprised me. When I to Alabama Josh would spend hours after work working on the "love shack" (cabin).  I came back he finished the floor, put in the carpet, put the counter top on, moved our bed in, and put the rope up between the ceiling and wall. He was BUSY got to love him for it! So here is the finished product.  At this point we were moving everything out of here onto the trailer so we could move to eastern Montana.  So there is not much up for decorations. 
The "bedroom" 

Our door that is really thick  
The kitchen
Concert countertop  
The pantry and bathroom 
Bathroom door cute I know!!
Living room area 
 The bathroom. (This is an older picture, but I guess I did not take a finished picture. All that is different is the blue tape is gone.)

So that is it! We loved working on it together, and we were sad to leave it behind.  Josh wishes we could have put a billion balloons on it and took it here with us.  (Up the movie).  But we like our (much bigger) 70s trailer too. 

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  1. Wow! This is great! Well done you two! I hope I get to come and get a tour of it some day.